Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love is in the air.....

Valentines's Day is just around the corner and i'm sure many florists are getting ready for one of there biggest & busiest days of the year (i think Mothers Day would be the 2nd biggest)...

Here's a little something I found & just had to share with you....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

B is for Baby Shower!

I dont know if its because of the Law of Attraction but it currently feels like everyone around me has either had a baby recently or about to have a baby! Its a baby, baby year and I love it as it means more little friends for my Anabelle to play with when she's older! :) 
And ofcourse the other great thing about having a baby is having a baby shower!
My beautiful (& glowing) cousin Priscilla is due in February and I was delighted to help her celebrate and to create a beautiful desserts table for all her guests to enjoy.

I was very excited as it was my first go at making bunting, tissue paper pom-poms, cupcake toppers & Tim -Tam cookie pops! (which where delicouse!!!)

Here are some photo's of the of all the lovely details...
Menu for Savory Table

Welcome Door Sign - made by me! :)
Dessert Table Details

Cream Horns - made by Priscilla's Mother in Law, Julie
Custard & Chocolate Cannolis - Made by Julie
Almond Biscotti - Made by Julie
Vanialla Cupcakes - Made by Julie & Priscilla's sister in law, Maree
Beijinhos (Portuguese styled doghnuts) - Made by Priscilla's mum Grace
Chocolate covered Strawberries - Made by Priscilla's sister Belinda
  Rasperberry Macarrons - Made by me
Blueberry & Bubblegum flavored Jelly - Made by me
Tim Tam Cookie Pops - Made by me
Oreo Cookie Pops - Made by me

Special Thanks to Priscilla for allowing me to be involved in her special day... now we just cant wait to meet the new addition to the family... :D 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Me!

HAPPY 2011 Everybody!!! Each year I make the same resolutions...
  1. Lose Weight
  2. Work hard
  3. Make more money
  4. Travel to a new destination
  5. Lose Weight
Most years I've managed to accomplish at least 2 of the items on that list, unfortunatly items 1 & 5 are neither of them... :( 

So this year as I think about what I want to achieve and what resolutions to make I feel like my resoluations wont just impact my life but also impact the life of my little one. Which means I really need to work hard to achieve these goals, dreams & wishes I have for 2011. 
Starting with item 1!
Here are my 2011 resolutions...
  1. Lose Weight! -  Must lose 15kg to get back to my wedding day goal weight
  2. Buy a new house! - Seriously I had no idea how much space kids take up!
  3. Continue to build on this little blog of mine & hopfully have at least 100 followers by the end of the year :)
  4. Travel to a new destination - I'm thinking Fiji or Malaysia or back to Thailand....
  5. Continue to find balance between work, family & some me time...
  6. Learn to Meditate

What about you.... what's your New Year resolution?

Warm Hugs, Ana xoxo