Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blue, White & Chocolate with a hint of Green....

Amidst all my studing, house renovations and mummy duties... I managed to pull off another very yummy dessert table for a sweet little boy 1st birthday. Noah's mum Dania is a friend of a friend who's now my new friend! :)
I was so excited when asked to create a little something special for her little man's 1st Birthday party. Dania gave me a picture of the cake she had in mind and the colour theme and design just grow from there.
And just have a look at this amazing cake! created by my extremely talented cake lady Mandy (same lady who created Anabelle's 1st Birthday cake)

And here's the dessert table...

Dessert table design ,Dessert labels / Thank you tags / Birthday banner designed & created by:
A Touch of Sweetness

Dessert table featured:
- Chocolate Balls by A Touch of Sweetness
- Oreo Cookie Pops by A Touch of Sweetness
- Mars Bar Slice by A Touch of Sweetness
- Chocolate Crakels (made by Dania's sister in law Kerri)
- Lebanese Sweets
- Portuguese Custard Tarts from Honeymoon Patesserie

Cake Stand from Sweet Style 

xoxo, Ana  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Dream House Begins!

Yipppee!!! Renovations have began! Few months ago we bought (what will be) our dream house!  
I am so excited about this new project and have been spending hours researching, googling and Pinning! (thank god for Pintrest!)
 Basically... the entire house needs renovating so we are doing it all! Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedrooms, hall way, adding a deck, adding a 4th bedroom (which will be our my office)! Oh! and we're also adding a walk in pantry!

Here are some lovely images that are currently inspiring me and helping me create a style for our new family haven....

Have you ever renovated or built a home before?... I'd love to hear what websites or blogs you recommend... :)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introducing..... Sweet Style

I have had many enquiries about my recent post on my little Anabelle's party and most of them have been related to lovely little wooden spoons with Anabelle's name on it...

They are a super cute way to personalise any party and the secret is simple... I purchased a lovely little rubber stamp from Sweet Style and you can order yours HERE!

Image via Sweet Style

Image via Sweet Style
OH! And did you see the beautiful cake stand I used for Anabelle's birthday cake?

Yep, also from Sweet Style 

I am a HUGE fan of Leanne who is the lovely lady behind Sweet Style and am so excited for her and her new website! Her online shop will be opening very soon where you can not only purchase some sweets, party favor bags but she will also be selling a beautiful array of cake stands - I've ordered mine and cannot wait to order more of the gorgeous collection she has available.
Make sure to also check out her blog, I'm a daily reader and just love her dessert tables & photography!

Congratulations Leanne! Wishing Sweet Style lots of "Sweet" Success! :D

xoxo, Ana