Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mad for MAD MAN

Have you heard of the MAD MAN TV series? You have! well then you'll understand why I'm currently so obsessed with the 1950's! ....The fashion, the hairdo's! The men! The scandals! and did i mention the fashion!!!

I am so in love with this TV show and thank god for the Internet or else I would have never been able to catch up on this series!
It's made me appreciate our modern way of living alot more, where woman are treated more like equals and racism isn't as bad as it use to be! 
Still I have to say that there are parts of the 1950's that I wish hadn't changed and that's the way the ladies dressed! So classy, vibrant & elegant....

and of course you cant have a leading lady without a leading man... Mr Donald Draper

So my question for today is whats your favourite thing about the 1950's?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dimitri's Christening ... Blue & Brown Polka Dots...

I'm so excited to finally be able to share with you all a lovely dessert table I put together for a gorgeous friend of mine's little boy's Christening.

Dimitri was born the day after my little Anabelle was born. I was suppose to have given birth at Hurstville Private hospital however due to a last minute emergency I was transfered to St George Hospital the night before my cesarean, ironically Dimitri's mum went into labour only hours after hearing the news that Anabelle was born. His mummy and I ended up being 1 room apart... and have become great friends since.

So when she asked me to create a dessert table for Dimitri's special day I was thrilled!
Its taken some time to get these photo's as they where professionally taken by INLIGHTEN but they where worth the wait!

The restaurant where the party was held had a beautiful wallpapered feature wall with browns & creams which was perfect as a backdrop so adding a touch of soft light blue was it needed.
I've also fallen in love with the BIG round Balloons I see so often in party's however underestimated just how BIG they actually are! (and how heavy!!!) But it defiantly look amazing as a feature of the table...

As this was my second attempt at a dessert table I wanted to really have a go at making as much of the desserts myself as possible and have to say I was quite pleased at how it all turned out... I'm becoming quite the little baker! =)

The Table

The Cake

The Desserts

Hope you enjoyed...