Sunday, December 5, 2010

Macaroon Madness!!!

It seems the current dessert trend at the moment are the amazing & delicous french Macaroons... I had first tried one (okay maybe 2..or 3) in Paris and it was love at first bite!  
The cruchy first bite followed by the soft and gooey centre... simply Heaven!
Then I found them on a beautiful desserts table created by my lovely new friend Leanne from Mrs A in the Cove (check out all the amazing dessert tables she's created). She kindly revealed some places I could order them from for my little angels christening & naturally they where the first yummy thing to disappear of the table!

If your a food & TV lover then I'm sure you would have seen them on Masterchef Session 1, Adriano Zumbo & his Macaroon tower became very famous! So I purchased a cook book on Macaroons & decided to give it a go! 

Here are some pictures of the end results!

This is what they "should" look like...
& these are mine... not perfect but definatly very yummmy!

I have to admit that I am definatly NO Masterchef when it comes to the kitchen & cooking but it is something I've started to develop a passion for... & as they say ... practise makes perfect! So stay tuned for more Macaroons!

If you'd like the me to post the reciepe I followed please let me know...

Who wants one???

xo Be Blessed, Stay Blessed... ANA 

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Mrs A in the Cove said...

Well done Ana - hope they tasted yummy!!! Leanne x