Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Little Sunshine ... Anabelle

On Saturday my little Anabelle turned the BIG 1!!!! .... Although I cant just yet share the pictures from her fun filled special day I thought I'd share some pictures my little angel... 
I can't believe how fast a year has passed and how quickly she has grown... She is the light of my life, the air that I breath and my little ray of sunshine...

My sweet cheecky chicken thank you for giving me the most amazing, most challenging, most inspirational year of my life so far....I Love you more than words can explain
She's a little bit of Sunshine,
She's a smile to light our days.
She has captured our hearts & kept it warm with her endearing ways....

She's our precious little girl
with a sweetness from above
who will fill our years with laughter and our lives with lots of love.

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my little jedi said...

Oh what a sweet post. Your daughter is gorgeous Ana, just like her mum x